Can everyone be innovative at your dealership, or is that just for the creative tech-minded people?

When it comes to innovation, there are two options dealerships try: demanding it from their employees and encouraging it from them. If your dealership does the latter, then according to Paul Faletti (CEO and President of NCM Associates) you’re on the right path to creating a culture that welcomes unusual ideas.

Faletti offers three ways to to make that culture happen.

Number 1: Get everyone invested. Paul suggests encouraging your employees to feel a strong and deep-rooted commitment to your dealership, so consider going to events with your team. Encourage camaraderie and collaboration. If all else fails, try performance-based bonuses as motivation.

Number two: Share your knowledge. Your dealership is a business of information and experience. Paul says even though some things might be private the true value in knowledge comes when you share it with your employees.

Number three: Take risks…but how can you do that as a dealership? Paul reminds us that encouraging ideas and sharing those ideas during meetings is important. Invest in one of them. Try a new marketing strategy. Offer a new promotion.

Whatever the idea, make a small investment in testing it and see what happens. The results might surprise you and your willingness to try something new–even if it fails—may drive the next big thing in your dealership.