Dealer principal Andrea Farrell on what drives her success in the auto industry

The most important thing is to not treat women differently.

There are a lot of unique stories behind the dealers that make up our industry and on this episode of Diversity in Automotive, we may have a first. Andrea Farrell is the President of Farrell Automotive Group, a former NFL cheerleader, breast cancer survivor, and the owner of Blush Life Apparel. Andrea joins us during women’s history month, to talk to us about her journey in automotive, and her other ventures that are helping women in recovery.

Farrell worked in media sales before joining the automotive industry. In that role, she had the opportunity to work closely with auto dealers and vendors, which sparked her interest in the car business. From there, she worked in management for a dealer group and took the plunge to run her very own store. Today, Farrell says she only focuses on what is within her control and continues to navigate inventory shortages.

When it comes to climbing the dealership ladder as a woman, Farrell says she’d like to see more programs geared towards women at all levels of the dealership, not just the top or the bottom. Farrell goes on to explain that anyone regardless of gender can become a dealer principal, but it often means making other sacrifices, especially early on.

Farrell herself faced a startling challenge during her career when she was diagnosed with stage 2 breast cancer. Thankfully, she has been cancer-free for 10 years. Born out of this experience was Blush Life Apparel, which sells recovery bras and other garments for people that have undergone chest surgery. Farrell’s drive and determination continue to propel her forward and we’re excited to see what the future holds at her dealer group.

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