Using Mystery Shopping Alongside Advanced Technology | President Trump Signs Off On Steel Tariffs | April’s Consumer Spending Increase


Today on – Friday, June 1st, 2018:

Using Mystery Shopping Alongside Advanced Technology
In today’s fast-paced business world, it could be difficult to gauge the success of your sales employees and the satisfaction of your customers. CBT News had the opportunity to talk with Kyle Dished, owner of the company WebinarInc., to discuss how his company helps identify pain points when it comes to dealership shopping and customer interaction. Read More

newscastUsed Car Sales Not Slowing Down
We’ve all seen at least one CarMax superstore making a large blue and yellow presence on the side of the road somewhere. The giant used car seller is not slowing down – in fact, it plans to open dozens of new stores within the next few years – but neither are other used vehicle vendors such as Penske, Lithia, and Carvana. A May 2018 Automotive News article published by James B. Treece reported that used car sales have continued to spike up from the previous fiscal quarter and it is predicted that they will remain high in the coming quarters. Read More

newscastWho’s More Afraid of EV’s: Buyers or Sellers?
Electric vehicles should be a no-brainer for most consumers. While somewhat pricier during initial purchase, in the long run, electric cars save most drivers thousands, particularly in gas expenses. Additionally, electric cars are usually safer, more up-to-date and eco-friendly than diesel and gas vehicles. For this reason, electric car sales are on the rise, with more being sold every year. However, even with this increase, studies around the world have shown that dealerships are not actively pushing electric vehicle sales. Read More


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