How Transaction Time Can Help Make or Break A Purchase | Ford on Track to Sell More Big Pickups Than Ever Before | U.S. Chamber of Commerce Asks Automakers to Reveal Sensitive Data


Today on – Tuesday, July 17th, 2018:

How Transaction Time Can Help Make or Break A Purchase – David Kain
What is the perfect amount of time to spend on the entire in-store car shopping process? Is there even such a universal number to abide by? According to David Kain, No, but there are some sweet spots you want to keep in mind and he explains what to look for to Jim Fitzpatrick on CBT News. Watch Now

How Puente Hills Ford Achieved #1 CSI Score in Southern California
Julian Valeriano is a Texas boy, born and raised, with automotive industry experience for almost two decades and having just joined the Southern California dealership’s team about a year ago. Today, he and his store are known for providing customers with a touch of southern hospitality, inspired by his roots growing up just outside Austin, TX. Open door policies, store decorations that tug at the heartstrings and exceptional phone skills ring true throughout Sales, Service and Parts. Read More

With Today’s Informed Customer, Do You Still Have Game?
Have you ever watched any of the popular televised poker tournaments like “World Series of Poker” or “Celebrity Poker Showdown”? If so, you have probably noticed how the players protect their cards from view at all times. Not only do they protect their playing hands from being seen, they all have some kind of ‘poker face’ that allows them to mislead or hide their emotions from the other players.  You can learn a lot about what cards another player is holding if you know how to read their facial expressions and body language. Read More


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