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Today on CBTNews.com – Friday, July 13th, 2018:

Have Your Managers Been Taught to Teach? – Paul Cummings
Who’s teaching the managers and trainers at your dealerships in order to make sure that employee training is effective? In part three of our interview series with Paul Cummings, we talk about effect training in your sales department and how to keep it current and informative. Watch Now

Are You Thinking About Expanding Your Franchise?
If you’re thinking about expanding your franchise dealership, there are a lot of aspects to keep in mind when taking this giant ‘leap of faith’. Below, you’ll find a few commonly asked questions that will help you as you start to calculate your ability to expand your franchise. Read More

Six Ways to Use the Test Drive to Secure a Sale
So much happens during the car buying experience that it is easy to forget how pivotal the test drive is to the total process. It is the first time that potential buyers have the opportunity to interact with the car they may soon call their own. This step puts them in the position to finally see if they can see themselves in the car. Read More


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