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CBT Automotive Newscast for January 9, 2020

Today on – Thursday, January 9th, 2020:

Grant CardoneShould All Salespeople Promote Themselves on Social Media? Grant Cardone Has the Answer
On today’s show, we continue our conversation with Grant Cardone, world-renown business mogul, international influencer, and real-estate tycoon with $1.4 billion AUM. He is also the New York Times best-selling author of Sell or Be Sold and The 10X Rule, as well as the founder of the 10X Growth Conference which will hold its annual event this February 21-23 in Las Vegas. Watch Now

Grant CardoneThe Power of Strong Fixed-Ops Business Footings and Foundations
In today’s highly competitive service retail business market, every service type business is a commodity that can most likely be found in a similar form usually at a better price. So they say? Successfully competing in a service driven economy with thousands of channels or platforms requires laser focus and top-notch customer levels of service. Any lackluster performance opens the door for competitors to grab market share. The slice of the market pie is getting smaller, so your competition wants your slice of the market too! Yes! That means your market share! Read More

Grant CardoneAre You Meeting Your VSC Objectives?
Service contracts have been around a long time. If they didn’t provide customers with real value, there wouldn’t be so many repeat VSC buyers. Make it department policy to offer your service contract 100% of the time! Be consistent. Train your entire sales team on the genuine benefits of a VSC so they can honestly convey them to customers – and overcome objections. I guarantee you’ll see a measurable increase in your VSC penetration! Read More


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