Closer look: The obstacles car dealers face today in fixed ops

For the past 18 years, Fixed Ops Magazine has kept the auto industry informed in all areas relating to fixed ops at the dealership level. Today on Inside Automotive, we’re taking a look at the magazine’s latest headlines with Ron Overs, Publisher of Fixed Ops Magazine.

Many car dealers are ramping up their operations for the sale and service of electric vehicles. For fixed ops teams, the process starts with preparing the delivery of the vehicle. For example, electric vehicles need to charge up before they are delivered. If your dealership has a level 2 charger only, it could take all day to charge one vehicle. Overs says car dealers need to ask themselves two questions when evaluating their EV preparation:

  1. Do I have the tools that you need to actually prepare the car for sale?
  2. Do I understand what kind of questions customers will have once they come in for EV service? 

Other challenges facing fixed ops managers are the lack of inventory for parts and rising repair costs. Overs says customers are likely to defect to other stores if these two issues become barriers to the transaction. In order to combat these barriers, car dealers and fixed ops managers have to find and develop relationships with customers. Customer experience will win at the end of the day despite delays and rising costs.

New and innovative technologies can assist the fixed ops department as well. From his perspective Overs says that dealers should work on making technicians’ jobs better. They should feel empowered and comfortable in their jobs. It is very difficult to replace auto technicians today. Make sure you give your team every tool possible to succeed.

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