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Electric vehicle infrastructure firm ChargePoint has recently released its 2022 Charging Forward Report. The company’s Chief Marketing Officer, Colleen Jansen, said the report “provides business, fleets, property owners, and drivers with a broad look at how the market has grown, where it stands today, where ChargePoint believes it’s going in the next five years, and responds to many of the common myths facing the industry.”

ChargePoint’s report noted that its predictions from 2017’s report turned out to be accurate, with global EV sales growing exponentially. It cited BloombergNEF, which found that EV sales “more than doubled from 2020 to 2021.” In Europe and North America combined, one in ten vehicles sold in 2021 were reportedly EVs. 

The firm’s 2017 report predicted significantly more EV models would be available to consumers at this point, which has also become true as options reportedly increased 40% between 2019 and 2020 alone. This is partially due to commitments from automakers to fully electrify their lineups in the coming years, with many even making solidified pledges to do so. 

ChargePoint believes the transition to EVs is now “inevitable” and that EV charging infrastructure and home charging will significantly expand in the next five years. Going forward, the company predicts that Europe will continue to sell more EVs than North America due to its environmental policies. In contrast, North America’s adoption will rely more on things like consumer incentives. 

Ultimately, according to Jensen, ChargePoint “believe[s] mobility is in the midst of its greatest transformation in generations, and mass EV adoption is closer today than ever before.”

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