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Former Tesla autopilot director testifies, Virginia’s governor rejects Ford’s proposal, monthly U.S. retail sales

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auto innovationHow Steve Greenfield hopes to change the dealership game through auto innovation
Each year before the NADA Show, the Lighthouse Award is presented by PCG Companies to an executive making waves in automotive innovation. This year Brian Pasch and his team at PCG Companies have selected Steve Greenfield, the CEO and Founder of Automotive Ventures, for the award. On this episode of Inside Automotive, Greenfield and Pasch join host Jim Fitzpatrick to discuss the award and what’s next for Automotive Ventures. Watch the complete segment here.

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Bank of America analysts shared their stance, that Tesla’s recent price cuts to its lineup of vehicles would likely result in higher sales volume growth this year. Tesla has caught headlines recently after the company initiated a round of steep price reductions for its lineup of vehicles. The price cuts are expected to help the company gain more orders for its electric cars. Read More

self-driving TeslaReuters has revealed that Tesla’s Director of Autopilot Software, Ashok Elluswamy, testified that a 2016 video showing a self-driving Tesla was actually staged. The automaker has faced a series of challenges to its self-driving claims since the start of last December. In California, lawmakers rules that the brand could no longer use the term “Full Self Driving” in its communications with the public. Read More

Virginia battery proposalVirginia Gov. Glenn Youngkin, a rumored Republican candidate for president, vetoed a Ford battery factory investment sought by Michigan and Virginia that would have generated around 2,500 jobs. The crux of why Youngkin stopped the batteries project was his objections to the involvement of a Chinese partnerYoungkin spokeswoman Macaulary Porter said in an email to the Richman Times-Dispatch, “while Ford is an iconic American company, it became clear that this proposal would sever as a front for the Chinese Communist Party. Read More

auto salesMonthly U.S. retail sales dipped 1.1% in December, despite small but noticeable improvements to inflation and pricing. The end of 2022 was a stressful time for Americans as consumer finances tightened in response to two years worth of economic headwinds. Although economists correctly predicted a retail sales decline, the news is still disappointing to many who had hoped for a market recovery. Read More

For Dealers

technology helps shoppers determine accurate car paymentsTechnology takes the guesswork out of car payments
What will my monthly payment be? It’s the question on nearly every car shopper’s mind and a critical one to answer accurately if you’re going to make the sale. To an industry that has been stalwart in its hands-on processes for decades, change sometimes comes hard. But like it or not, technology is reinventing the automotive world from end-to-end, and with that change comes both improved internal systems and an enhanced customer buying experience. Read More

How to make your dealership’s safety training less tedious and confusing
A challenging aspect of running any business is safety training, and this especially applies to auto dealerships. While many dealers are pretty successful in a lot of ways, some still find that their safety training could be improved to make their businesses more protected from accidents and injuries. Training, however, can be tedious, which can undoubtedly hinder its effectiveness. Let’s take a look at some ways to make safety training less boring and more effective for everyone involved. Read More

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