Boost Dealership Transparency with One-Price Selling – Barry Schwartz, Robertson Honda (Part 2)


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Are you tired of relying on a large sales staff to help maximize the gross for your dealership? Well, what if we told you that our guest today might have an easy solution? In this segment, CBT’s Jim Fitzpatrick continues the conversation with Barry Schwartz, operations manager at Robertson Honda out of Palmdale, California, to elaborate on one-price selling and what effect that has on a dealer’s overall gross and volume.

Robertson Honda
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The million dollar question we had for Barry was how one-price selling has affected volume and gross at the dealership? Barry’s answer is simple, control. If you’re a GM or owner and you like to have optimal control over your dealership, then one-price selling is for you.

This method allows dealers to turn the sales dial up or down depending on the amount of gross or volume that they want. This level of control and flexibility is a blessing according to Barry. As opposed to relying on 40 different salespeople to maximize gross, it can be controlled.

Customer satisfaction is also something to consider when transitioning to one-price selling. Transparency is key to cultivating positive online reviews and ratings that ultimately bring customers into the dealership.

Clients are more likely to come back for repeat service as well. Actually putting the customer in the service department to meet employees and see facilities fosters a level of trust and commitment from the dealer.

Barry and his dealership use third-party resources to price vehicles competitively. Although these prices may be higher or lower than the market, all the customer sees is consistency and transparency. And once that relationship is established, the dealership can let the customer in on more information, like how their trade-ins will work, and if they are competitive on buying cars.