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Becoming a Modern Sales Hustler

It is no secret that times have changed. Technology and availability of information have forever altered the way we interact with buyers and the way we sell cars. Social media and text messaging have all but replaced the traditional phone call, and online resources provide a bottomless supply of information for the most inquisitive of buyers.

This ease of information has resulted in buyers who often know more about the vehicle they are buying than the average salesperson, while smartphones provide instant answers and facilitate simultaneous negotiations between multiple dealers at the same time. With all of this technology and information, it begs the question: “Does hustling really pay off anymore?”

The answer is a resounding YES!

While the methods and tools of the modern hustler have changed, the concepts remain the same: Give 110%, don’t take no for an answer, and always push for better outcomes. These are the rules of the modern sales hustler.

Give 110%

A hustler never lets up. You will notice it in their work. While others will sometimes take it easy, or put in a subpar effort, the hustler is always going. When one project ends, or a sale closes, the hustler is quickly on to the next one. This concept has not changed with technology. Sure, instead of whipping out the rolodex and hitting the phones, you will likely find the modern sales hustler scouring his CRM for past contacts, or trolling social media looking for opportunities. The key is to keep pushing.

Don’t take No for an answer

The modern sales hustler, like hustlers of old, never settles for an unsatisfactory answer. No is just an obstacle that needs to be overcome. Instead of focusing on the obstacle, the hustler is always focused on the solution. Sometimes that solution is patience, sometimes it is more aggressive tactics.

In times past, hustlers often had a bad reputation for being pushy and not listening. The modern hustler is sensitive to the needs of others. The modern hustler recognizes that the word “no” sometimes just means “not yet”, or “I still have questions”. The modern sales hustler can see through this and works toward the solution in order to get to “yes.”

Always Push for Better Outcomes

Hustlers are never truly satisfied. Good is never good enough. This is a great perspective to keep a hustler moving forward and not stagnating. While the modern sales hustler must always be seeking for greatness, it is important to take time, occasionally, and look back at all that has been accomplished. Just like a mountain climber, what fun is it to climb the mountain if you don’t stop a few times along the way to enjoy the view?


The basic concepts of working hard and never giving up go back for ages. There have been hustlers ever since the early days of trade, and there will always be hustlers as long as there are buyers and sellers. Technology and information only make hustling that much better and more efficient. Becoming a modern sales hustler means you have to embrace technology as well as societal sensitivities, but you also must employ traditional hustling tactics. Master these things and you will become a master modern sales hustler.

Ken Strong
Ken Strong
Retail automotive veteran and writer for

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