Automakers Get Creative with Highly Anticipated Vehicle Debuts


Amidst COVID-19 concerns domestic automakers from Ford to Dodge to GMC are debating whether to post-pone their highly anticipated product announcements or to debut them in an online setting. Following the cancellation of auto shows, vehicle unveilings are backed up, and flubbing a launch can cost manufacturers millions of dollars. To discuss this further, we’re very pleased to welcome Stephanie Brinley, principal automotive analyst at IHS Markit.

As reported by CNBC, the originally delayed New York Auto Show is canceled, as is the Detroit Auto Show and many others. Regardless of COVID-19, automakers still have vehicles coming out that will be on sale and they need to get consumers informed and drum up some excitement. This means that brands will have to come up with new innovative ideas to get the word out. For example, Ford aired video vignettes of the new Bronco during this year’s Country Music Awards.

One of the interesting things about [the Ford Bronco] and the GMC Hummers, in a similar situation- you’re not only introducing a vehicle, you’re reintroducing a brand,” says Stephanie. “So the level of impact they need is quite a bit different than if you’re introducing the new generation of Explorer.”

For more great insight from Stephanie Brinley, be sure to watch our entire interview above.

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