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Glenn is a trainer at heart. He is a highly sought-after speaker, writer, coach and operations strategist, as well as a customer service fanatic. He has spoken throughout the U.S. and Canada, educating audiences on a variety of topics including business leadership, change management, digital marketing and the impact of this new technology on culture, business and society. Visit the website www.pcgcompanies.com
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Social Media Advertising

Does social media really help sell cars?  Glenn says “Yes”, but you have to know how to properly use it. 

How to Remove Friction Between Teams

Recently I returned for a follow-up visit with a client where we had installed a new sales process for their team. Gathering a few...

How Facebook Awareness Campaigns Affect Your Audience

We’ve all heard about Facebook advertising.  One strategy you might not be aware is awareness ads.  Glenn explains how an awareness campaign can impact...
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The Hardest Role to Hire and Retain: Why You Need a Digital Marketing Manager

One of the hardest positions to hire for, train and keep in an automotive dealership is a digital marketing manager. Owners spend thousands and,...

Why do Most Digital Marketing Managers Fail?

I find it interesting that many businesses still are not aware of the impact digital marketing has on their bottom line. Many feel they...
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How to Manage the Middle 60

 On Today’s Tip of the Day, Glenn Pasch explains that most dealerships have a top 20% and a bottom 20% but what do you...
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Fear of Changes in Digital Marketing

You’re spending a lot of money on digital marketing.  You’re fearful that it’s not working. Glenn shows you how to eliminate that fear.

Leadership is More than Good Results

Before we begin to discuss, let’s look at the definition of helpful. Reading this, your first reaction would be, “Glenn of course being helpful is...

Who Owns Your Marketing?

Glenn gets this question from dealers all the time about who owns your store’s marketing.  Is it a third party, an agency, or the...

How Teams Function in Dealerships

If you want to get more out of your players (salespeople), Glenn suggests acting more like a coach than a manager.

How the Growth of Digital Dealerships is Pushing Traditional Auto Dealers to Rethink their...

Digital dealership models have been “Vrooming” ahead and 2020 is poised for an even sharper acceleration into the digital space. Given the current landscape,...

3 Essentials for Service Department Retail Process Success

A top rated, highly profitable Service Department lives and dies according to how well their Retail Service Processes function. Unfortunately, great intentions, however well...

So You Want to Sell Your Business

If you have read and acted upon the first two installments of this Client Alert series, you know the reasons why you have decided...

ReconVelocity Brings Accountability Back to Vehicle Reconditioning at Beaver Toyota

On today's show, Hugh Hathcock, owner of ReconVelocity, joins us in the studio once again. This time, he is accompanied by Patrick Abad, General...

Is The Automotive Industry Forgetting How To Connect?

If you stay current with articles on marketing or business in general, you cannot miss the pundits discussing the new face of business –technology,...

Do You Have Your “E’s” Turned Up Today?

 Do you have your "E's" turned up today? Bring your enthusiasm, excitement, energy and experience into the dealership and watch what happens. Hear how...

Moving Smoothly From Greeting the Customer

The first impression your customer has on you can make or break the deal. On this week's episode of On the Mark, Mark Tewart...

Customer Relationship Management

On this week's Kain & Company, David talks about customer relationship management and CRM culture.

How to Evaluate The Value of Your Third-Party Classified Partner

Do auto dealers need third-party classified marketplaces? Brian Pasch discusses how you can evaluate the value of your third-party classified partner on today's episode...