Attracting Your Customers Through Instagram and Facebook Using Cars Social


On average we spend an hour on social media platforms each day, even revisiting these sights up to eight different times. Jake Wittler, Sr. Product Marketing Manager for joins CBT Automotive Network to tell us how they are bringing your dealership’s inventory to where your shopping audience is through their new ad product Cars Social.

Cars Social will help dealers attract more quality customers through Facebook and Instagram’s social networking platforms. By doing so, it allows retail automotive dealers to extend their reach and audience not only on the company’s website, but now through these two heavily used media outlets.Social MediaNews of this product circulated the NADA Showroom floor at the March conference and has since gone live and is accessible to the public.

So how does it work? uses its audience data to target car shoppers on these platforms who recently have shown an interested in shopping the market. With a produced social ad, an image of specific and dynamic inventory ads from a local dealer is served to the targeted consumers capturing their interest and redirecting their search to your website.

“This is great because even if the consumer has not come into contact with that dealer on, they can still reach them with relevant inventory on Facebook and Instagram through the power of Cars Social,” said, Wittler, before he explained that even if your dealership does not have an Instagram or Facebook you can still be a part of this experience powered by Social Media

Now, he also highly suggested that if you have not already established a presence on these platforms, your dealership should highly consider doing so. “When we look at these platforms and the reason why is establishing this solution is because of their massive reach, again, we are talking about sixty percent of Americans on a social platform spending about an hour a day,” Wittler says, as he reinforces the importance that your dealership is capitalizing on its markets through these social media outlets that are designed perfectly to house dealership ads and campaigns.


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