Are you appealing to potential car-buyers by manipulating them mentally?

Okay, so if you knew what potential car-buying customers were thinking when they checked out your website, or watched a commercial on TV or went to your Facebook page you would be rich, right! Unfortunately, you’re not a psychic, but according to Eric Radle, you can impact buyers with psychology.

Radle is the CEO of Miller Ad Agency in Dallas, Texas and told Wards Auto that psychology plays a big role when dealers convey information by keeping it simple and delivering a positive customer experience by reinforcing the wisdom of a purchase decision. He calls it cerebral selling.

For example, Radle says the “Keeping it simple” part includes maintaining a website that doesn’t put users into sensory overload. “People don’t multi-task well. Don’t force them to multi-task on a website.” His advice? See what your dealership is doing on your website that could prevent someone from visiting your dealership.

Another example…Radle says how a price is posted can influence people’s perceived value. So, saying a vehicle is $39,999 marked down $10,000 to $29,999 is more effective than just saying it is $29,999.

Now when it comes to TV ads, Radle tells Wards Auto dealers themselves should fill that role, but it’s never a good idea to start out an ad with a dealer introducing themselves. He says that’s boring and it’s a waste of the opening seconds on the dealer. He adds, when making an ad, the talent must look like people they are trying to serve. No flash!