What are the Most Appealing Features for Car Buyers Now?


Technology is evolving at a faster pace than ever before and no industry is evolving faster than automotive. Cars that drive themselves and communicate with other vehicles as well as the urban infrastructure are within our field of view in the near future.

With all of the technology rapidly making its way into new cars, it is no wonder that the most appealing features to buyers now revolve around technology. Buyers will always be interested in comfort and safety, but with so many high-quality manufacturers in the market today, comfort and safety are almost a given. Advanced Technology is what is driving your buyer in today’s market.

Here are some of the hottest features in 2018.

Adaptive Cruise Control

While Adaptive Cruise Control, Lane Departure Warning, and Auto Parking features are merely a gateway to the future of self-driving cars, these features are all that many drivers are ready to embrace for now. As with any radical change (self-driving cars), it is human nature to want to ease into things.

Adaptive Cruise Control a perfect segue and is a hot feature in 2018, because (let’s face it) touching the brake every time someone sneaks into the passing lane, or decides to hang out there is really annoying. Our highways are getting busier and busier and adaptive cruise control makes driving in traffic just a little easier.

Connected Mobile Apps

We’ve probably all done it. You park your car, sit down in the theater, or get on an airplane and suddenly you realize you forgot to lock your car. Connected mobile apps allow you remote access to your car. You can lock your doors remotely, or even remote start your car so it is warm (or cool) when you get to it.

With power at our fingertips in many aspects of life, buyers are craving this same power in respect to their vehicles in the form of connected apps.

Teen Driver Technology

The world that today’s teenagers are growing up in is vastly different from that of their parents. With constant connectivity, social media, and inexhaustible distractions vying for their attention, it can be utterly overwhelming for a teen to focus on driving. Fortunately, the same technology that is distracting them, can be used by parents to help them focus.

Similar to connected apps, parent buyers love the idea of knowing where the vehicle is at all times, and having access to important data about how it is being used.  Buyers particularly like that some vehicles offer the ability to place limitations on the driver, like disabling the stereo if the seatbelts aren’t fastened, or limiting stereo volume from exceeding a certain level. Alarms can even be set if a vehicle goes beyond a defined radius.

Apple CarPlay / Android Auto

We have already established that we live in a connected world. Smartphones connect us to people, places and things that we need. Our phones even have the ability to predict our movements and the information we will require at a given time. It goes without saying that buyers want that same connectivity to follow them when they sit down in their vehicle.

Apple CarPlay and Android Auto are hot features for 2018 because of how they facilitate the seamless flow of connectivity that buyers want.