Adam Marburger shares valuable F&I tips and key ideas from his brand new book

Do you get in your own way? It can be a difficult reality to accept, but there are positive changes you can make to get back on track. Joining us today on Inside Automotive to discuss his brand new book, YOU’RE THE F*CKING PROBLEM: A guide to getting out of your own way, is Adam Marburger. Adam has been in the auto retail industry for over 20 years coaching and training F&I professionals. Today, he is the President and CEO of Ascent Dealer Services and the President of Marburger Investment Group.

The motivation behind the book was Marburger’s desire to share his story with his local community a little north of St. Louis, Missouri. He says the book is about self-awareness and explores why people get in their own way when pursuing their goals. By sharing his colorful past, Marburger hopes he can inspire and motivate people to do more with their lives.

“I was looking in the mirror one day after a season of darkness,” says Marburger. “I was doing the things I knew I shouldn’t be doing, and I got so sick and tired of myself…I remember looking in the mirror and saying ‘Adam, you’re the effing problem and you need to get out of your own way.'”

Switch gears, car dealers are coming off of another profitable quarter, and even though new vehicle inventory is low, online vehicle orders are helping to relieve the burden. So, how do online vehicle orders affect F&I? Marburger says it can either make the F&I process easier or more challenging. The car dealers that are proactive and get F&I involved as early as possible in the transaction have a better rate of success. Customers have a lot of lead time to shop around with different vendors. F&I managers must start communicating with the customers early and set reasonable expectations.

“We need to give [car buyers] all of the information so they can make a decision. If you’re a true professional, you are going to be able to provide a solution to their problem,” says Marburger.

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