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Women’s Top Rated Car Brands for 2017

According to Autodata,17.6 million new vehicles were sold last year, setting a record for cars and trucks. One distinct group of consumers contributed an estimate 8.2 million units to that total: women buyers.

Dealerships seeking engagement with this critical market segment can turn to the 2017 U.S. Women’s Car Dealer Report, published by The car dealer review site connects women with Certified Trusted Dealers nationwide and, in the process, collects data intended to improve the vehicle purchasing, service drive and shopping experiences of customers.

Its annual report reveals women’s Top 15 rankings based on purchase and service experience. Key findings from its section on “Purchase Experience” follow.

By the Numbers

Feedback from 4,653 female drivers informs the 2017 U.S. Women’s Car Dealer Report. By sharing outcomes of their car buying experiences with, women who purchased cars provide dealers nationwide with targeted data for:

  • Optimizing Sales – 46 percent of women shop around to find the right dealership “fit”
  • Enhancing Value Propositions – women buy from trusted dealers with sterling reputations
  • Increasing Customer Satisfaction – high Sales Advisor EQ is a No. 1 purchase motivator

Numbers in parentheses represent aggregates of each brand’s individual Women Satisfaction Index®, or WSI, score for Purchase Experience. Scores range from 1.0 (lowest) to 5.0 (highest).

Top (15) Brands by Women’s Purchase Experience

  1.  Mercedes-Benz (4.97)
  2.  Lincoln (4.94)
  3.  Dodge (4.91)
  4.  Volkswagen (4.88)
  5.  Jeep (4.86)
  6.  Ford (4.85)
  7.  Audi (4.85)
  8.  Chrysler (4.85)
  9.  Chevrolet (4.84)
  10.  Hyundai (4.83)
  11.  Toyota (4.82)
  12.  Subaru (4.82)
  13.  Lexus (4.82)
  14.  Nissan (4.75)
  15.  Honda (4.73)


With women purchasing an estimated 8.2 million new vehicles per year—56 percent of whom do not purchase from the nearest dealer—it pays to take a cue from their favorite brands and offer an experience worth driving the extra mile.

The results are straightforward. Positive reviews from women are on the exponential rise. They demonstrate car dealers are showing far greater respect for women during the car shopping and purchase process, earning their trust, their business and long-term loyalty. It’s is a win-win.

Certified Trusted Dealer satisfaction scores among women are on the rise, too—with a current cumulative rating of 97.1 percent. It is by sharing insights like these and eliciting user feedback that the company helps auto dealers grow value for their individual businesses and brands.

Chris B. Saraceno, vice president and partner of Kelly Automotive Group, says.

“Women-Drivers positive reviews are very effective at delivering more customers to our website and showrooms while converting sales and service leads for our dealership brands,” he says.

Fuel for Thought Leaders

Not only are women buying cars they also heavily influence their partners’ car buying decisions. So, when it comes to selling or otherwise engaging women who are car shopping, auto dealer’s success hinges on adopting a mindset that emphasizes delivery of a consistent, unique and specifically-tailored customer experience.

A woman shopping for a new car, for example, expects a follow-up call (or email) after leaving the lot. So does a woman who makes a purchase. Both help answer the question: Why, do fifty-four percent of women walk away happy after visiting just one dealership?

Their efforts were reciprocated, making them feel as if they were the dealerships’ top picks.

Anne Fleming
Anne Fleming
Prior to her involvement in the retail automotive industry, Anne spent 20 years in brand and strategic product development for several international consumer product companies. Her leadership training led to her becoming the President and CEO of, the industry’s premier platform for attracting, engaging and increasing sales to women+families through research, ratings and reviews.

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