Tesla has a new EV competitor in Volkswagen, which is entering North American electric vehicle markets at full speed. Volkswagen has some electric vehicle models that are thriving in other countries. Like Tesla, Volkswagen users reside in Europe and China primarily, which are two markets that are changing for electric vehicle production and use.

According to a recent Bloomberg Intelligence report, Volkswagen is expected to surpass Tesla in sales in just two years. For the next 18 months, the report predicts that Tesla will remain the number one electric vehicle seller internationally. However, this will change as the global market grows interested in electric vehicles. The United States is slow to accept these types of cars. However, Europe and China are top users of electric vehicles.

This data has been produced and reported mainly because of how significantly high Volkswagen’s electric vehicle sales are in Europe and China. For example, in 2021 alone, about 310,000 vehicles were sold, which is nearly double the amount sold by Tesla (170,000). However, Volkswagen has yet to touch the American market and is still looking for ways to expand and compete. Although Volkswagen does not have full American support, it has tripled in sales in North America in the last two years.

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