VAS’s Hugh Hathcock and dealer principal Troy Duhon discuss the power of transparent and seamless digital retailing

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome, Hugh Hathcock, owner of Velocity Automotive Solutions (VAS), and Troy Duhon, CEO of Premier Automotive Group to discuss the market today and new tools in the digital portfolio.

Duhon begins the conversation by discussing ReconVelocity and how the tool has helped expedite reconditioning processes. Duhon says it holds them accountable and vehicles are out of the shop a lot quicker. However, VAS has also carved out space in digital retailing with VelocityEngage is a digital platform that gives the consumer everything they need to see about the used vehicle, they’re purchasing. As they continue to develop VelocityEngage, Hathcock says, they want to show the value to consumers. He adds, that a big advantage of their window stickers component, is helping consumers see information but also used car managers and people who are appraising cars as well.

Duhon says, this tool and the data available, have given a level of confidence to salespeople that they’ve never had before. It empowers them to know more about the car, by comparing accessories, options, and Carfax. Duhon says, what he loves about the platform is when they log the customer into the CRM, the customer automatically gets the file. Although the customer may not purchase the vehicle, they’ll have a link with all the information that is needed and will be able to compare. You’re looking at a total transparent transaction.

By having these capabilities under one system, Duhon says, you eliminate the human error of self-inputting or switching out software programming. Every new car is the same, every used car is different says, Duhon.

Hathcock wraps up the conversation by stating how they created a ‘new category’. This is a tool that is selling face-to-face between customer and salesperson, and their competition isn’t doing that, says Hathcock. Every two weeks, they are making the tool better and it’s one company that’s doing it all. A dealer can get this product under $1,200 dollars, both tools included. For more information, click here.

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