Using digital tools to simplify business operations without sacrificing the customer experience — Greg Uland & Ryan Osten

Greg Uland and Ryan Osten join CBT News at the 2023 NADA convention to discuss digital tools in the dealership

As digitization becomes standard practice in dealerships, storeowners can often feel overwhelmed by the number of tools available to them. Greg Uland is the Vice President of Brand Marketing at The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, a digital technology service provider for the auto industry. Uland works closely with Ryan Osten, the Executive Vice President of Gubagoo, a commerce solutions platform for dealerships and a subsidiary of Reynolds and Reynolds. Together they joined CBT News anchor Jim Fitzpatrick at the 2023 NADA convention to discuss how their companies are making it easier for dealers to use technology in their businesses.

Key takeaways:

1. Consolidating technological tools, such as digital contracting and purchases, will help dealers reduce stress and improve efficiency in 2023, which is why Gubagoo has expanded the number features on its platform.

2. Automakers, dealerships and technology companies will need to set aside differences and collaborate to improve the customer experience.

3. Gubagoo will be focusing on improving the compatibility of its software platforms, to ensure different programs communicate flawlessly with each other, reducing the amount of time it takes for dealers to conduct business.

4. Digital transactions will account for a substantial portion of dealership sales within the next ten years.

5. Uland expects 2023 to be a good year for retail automotive, thanks to the hard work of dealers, and their efforts to improve their services.

“Any point in [the] customer experience is going to erode trust.” — Ryan Osten

Notable background:

— Greg Uland is the VP of Brand Marketing at The Reynolds and Reynolds Company, where he has worked for over 14 years to revolutionize the dealership retail experience.

— Ryan Osten is the Executive VP of Gubagoo, where he has helped the company become an industry-wide resource for the last eight years.

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