Top OEM Headlines | June 2016


This week’s most impactful OEM headlines, including:

  1. Ford, Fiat Chrysler pivot to more SUVs, fewer small cars
    Reuters says Ford and Fiat Chrysler are cutting production of smaller cars and idling workers at some North American factories, but also boosting output of sport utility vehicles. The companies say it’s in reaction to a long-term shift toward larger vehicles. The factory employs about 2,445 hourly workers, most of whom will be laid off when the plant is idled.
  2. Hyundai becomes ambitious about complete eco-car slate
    Hyundai has become very ambitious about eco-vehicles and plans to have 26 alternatively powered cars and SUVs on sale by 2020. USA Today says included in the group of 26…six electric vehicles and two with hydrogen fuel cells. The move coincides with the Korean automaker’s plan to launch six vehicles for its genesis luxury brand in the same period.
  3. Chevrolet Pokes Holes – Literally – In Ford F-150’s Aluminum Pickup Bed In New TV Spot
    In the auto industry, truck customers are pretty loyal…but after Chevrolet’s newest “real people, not actors” commercial, the company is hoping customers that have brand loyalty to ford will switch. Forbes dot com says Chevy stunned focus group participants by showing what happens when you drop 825 pounds of concrete blocks into a Chevy Silverado and Ford F-150. The steel bed of the Silverado was scratched and dented, but the aluminum bed of the F-150 sustained multiple punctures.
  4. Nissan’s Infiniti looks to offer highway self-driving on new models
    Infinity tells Reuters it wants to make sure it offers highway self-driving on new models besides the Q-50. Right now, the Q-50 Sedan is the only vehicle currently equipped with its latest generation steering system that allows for autonomous driving about 37 miles per hour on the highway.