This auto retail expert shares why it’s important to be a student of the business

Welcome to another episode of Founder Focus, a CBT original series that focuses on the journeys of some amazing automotive founders. Today, host Steve Greenfield is joined by Kelly Price, founder, and CEO of NAE/NWAN. The company grew into a national leader in providing auto RV and Powersports dealerships with finance and insurance products and solutions. Today, Greenfield peels back the layers to know what motivates Price, what she thinks about innovation, and how she built her place in the auto industry.

Price says she was always a student of her business. She wanted to know everything about it. She learned it was also about how you treated your customers. Price ended up in finance by asking to write a process model to be able to teach people how to get into finance. She studied contracts and claims, so as she was selling it to a customer, she understood it on the backside.

When building her business, Price realized relationships are that important. The biggest aha moment was also realizing that there is such a great value to an agent representing dealers and the products that they have. They turned their focus to making sure they were providing the best service possible to not only the dealer but also the agent and making sure they kept the relationship alive.

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helping I like to work and I just allow God to put things in front of me of what I’m supposed to be doing, says Price. Price and her team opened up Changing Lives Foundation. They put the foundation in place, for in the event you are in catastrophic need, you have someplace to turn to. They continue to make a difference in many people’s lives.

Price says don’t lose your purpose and be prepared for the long haul journey. Remember to pay attention to the details. Price believes people have to be first. She says the biggest mistake she’s ever made, was not taking care of herself. Price thinks it would have made her a better leader and coach of the people she managed if she was calmer. It really makes a huge difference.

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