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The importance of growing your dealership’s competitive advantage in the digital retailing marketplace – Hugh & Gage Hathcock, ReconVelocity

Today on CBT News, we’re pleased to welcome back Hugh Hathcock, Owner of ReconVelocity, and Gage Hathcock, Partner at ReconVelocity. The last time we spoke, ReconVelocity revealed that a brand new, innovative solution was in the works, and today we get a first look at VelocityEngage.

Going on two years now, ReconVelocity solutions have assisted dealers with getting their acquired pre-owned vehicles retail-ready faster, more efficiently, and with more accountability. However, since the COVID-19 pandemic hit U.S. markets, car dealers have accelerated their digital transformation and now require a solution to sell those cars with increased speed and volume. According to Hugh, this was always part of the plan for parent company Velocity Automotive Solutions.

VelocityEngage is a digital merchandising solution that allows car dealers to present all of a vehicle’s details into an online portfolio. Everything from recon, to window stickers, to images, videos, and more are available to consumers via this platform. This transparent, highly-detailed presentation aligns with the current trends regarding consumer expectations. This unique value proposition allows dealers to directly compete with large online retailers like Carvana or Vroom.

Gage adds, “Take this information and showcase it [at the dealership]. Help [your dealership] recoup that recon dollar and turn it into front-end gross.”

The pandemic has sped up digital retailing tremendously. VelocityEngage is the bridge that enables dealers to give their consumers confidence in the vehicle they buy as well as the dealer they buy it from. This digital platform automates all of the pertinent vehicle information into a clear and digestible presentation for consumers that can then be shared in a myriad of different ways.

To find out more, visit ReconVelocity today.

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