Eric Brown: The Future of AI and How to Win with the Machines

artificial intelligence

“AI will have an impact on every area within a dealership throughout the automotive retail industry.” Eric Brown, President of LotLinx, talks with CBT News about the impact of artificial intelligence in auto retail and how dealers can benefit from this evolving technology. “AI is already being used in the assembly lines, so it now makes sense to transition and support how cars are sold.” Essentially, AI provides a massive collection of data that is pulled from dealerships, online platforms, and other sources to provide new insight on who your buyer is, how and when to target them, and what type of vehicle they want to buy. With great efficiency, this intelligence encourages cost effectiveness, better practices and proper targeting with your engaged customers or audiences.

Dealerships across the country are adopting and adapting to this change. Learning how to best use this to your dealership’s advantage is vital if you want to capitalize on its offered capabilities and profitabilities. Traditionally, dealerships would need to buy their audience. The hope was that somewhere in the “bought audience” you might have a prospect who would become a customer. LotLinx-VIN Specific™ /AI/ is a more direct and calculated approach. With the stored data recorded, they use their intelligence to hone in on a targeted pool of individuals. Using the machines, LotLinx is linking your potential buyer with the right car, at the right price, changing the future of marketing in dealerships.

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