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U.S. loses trade dispute with Canada, Mexico over parts sourcing

The U.S. has lost an automotive trade dispute brought against it by Canada and Mexico over parts sourcing requirements. According to an agreement between the...
trade negotiations

United States, Taiwan begin formal trade negotiations

The United States and Taiwan officials outlined plans to enter into formal negotiations for a sweeping trade treaty today. The first round of negotiations is expected...

How your service department can improve the trade-in process

The vehicle trade-in process has evolved a lot over time. One of the biggest changes is that there used to be a lot more...

New Developments in the On-Going Auto Tariffs Saga

For the last several months, the Trump administration has pushed towards wide-scale tariffs on many imports. The White House sees these measures as part...
automotive research

What’s Going on With Trump and Tariffs

President Trump’s race to make America’s economy great again pretty much stalled from the word “go” largely thanks to the Commander in Chief’s own...

Unofficial NAFTA Talks Are ‘Very Likely’ at Next U.N. Assembly According...

After making little progress with negotiations last Thursday in Washington, D.C., Canadian Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland and U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer are expected...

Tips for: “What do you think my trade is worth?”

  On this week’s edition of Straight Talk, David Lewis discusses how you should respond to the question “what do you think my trade is...