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Having an Efficient Sales Process

  What if customers paid a premium due to the fact that your sales process was way beyond efficient? Jonathan explains how to make it...
instant income verification

WardsAuto: Instant Income Verification Could Improve Sales Process for Consumers

This year could see U.S. auto sales decline for the first time since the industry emerged from the 2009 recession, meaning automotive lenders and...

Is your sales process customer-centric or dealer-centric?

Is your sales process customer-centric or dealer-centric?  Have you built a process that is designed to engage your dealership the way customers want to?...
Streamline Sales

Becky Chernek: How can you streamline your sales process?

Becky hosts Bernie Brenner to talk about the importance of streamlining your sales process with pre approval through partnerships with financial institutions.
Online Financing

Becky Chernek: How to include online financing options into your sales...

Becky welcomes Aaron Krane to talk about integrating online financing options into your sales process to become more competitive in the marketplace.

How is your engagement?

Cory Mosley: How is your engagement?  Is it more of an all day process or something that’s on a piece of paper from a...