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AI in the automotive industry: Handle with care

The auto industry is quite familiar with AI as it relates to automobile safety. Driver assistance technology AI will work at protecting consumers from...

Are You Ready to Lead?: The Big Difference Between Leading and...

Everyone craves the opportunity to advance to the next level. Today you are a salesperson on the floor or service advisor in the bay....

The New Normal: Turning Good Dealers Into Great Dealers

Going from good to great requires building a customer-centric dealership organization.  Customer-centricity is a requirement for the New Normal, which is critical to improving...
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People Who Manage Their Time Well Follow These 3 Rules

I’m sure you are constantly told to manage your time better, because it boosts your efficiency, saves time, and reduces stress. Everyone knows the...

On the Mark | Organizational And Individual Development

On the Mark with Mark Tewart On this week's episode of On The Mark, Mark Tewart talks about organizational and individual development. What can you do to...