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The Friend of a Friend: Uncovering the Extended Networks within Your...

Amazing things can happen when you know the right people, and getting out of your comfort zone allows you to network better to make...

Five Upcoming Automotive Industry Conferences You Should Attend

Learning, professional development, and networking are vital parts of career growth. This goes for all professions, but this especially rings true for automotive professionals....

The Importance of Networking to Grow Your Business – Walter Bond

Are you looking for a ways to expand your clientele? In this segment, CBT Automotive continues with part four of our series featuring Walter...
sales events

Sales Events – Are They Losing Their Purpose?

With the coming of spring, dealerships around the country will be sprucing up their showrooms and getting that lot full of cars to sparkle...
connect with customers

Thinking Outside the Dealership: Unique Ways for Sales Professionals to Drum...

It’s no secret that success in auto sales requires much more effort than simply taking ups on the sales floor. You cannot let your...

Thought Leadership Summit brings out the experts

Your dealership attends training events such as conferences, forums, and seminars to improve the customer buying experience. According to Jon Munzel, Founder and President...