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pay plan

The Pay Plan Paradigm

Challenging positions in your dealership deserve good compensation, especially for those related directly to income. Sales people, both on the sales floor and at...

Is Service Employee Churn Killing Car Sales?

The NADA 2016 Dealership Workforce Study tells the story. On average, the service advisor turnover rate annually is 39 percent. That’s roughly two in...

Trends that Will Shape Your Dealership’s Future, Whether You Like It...

Aside from the prevalence of flying cars and hoverboards Marty McFly used, ‘the future’ is happening. Innovators dreamed of a world with cars that...

Taking a Tip from Tesla – Build Hype and Take Deposits...

On July 28th, the first 30 customers received delivery of their Tesla Model 3. It’s a model of success for the beleaguered electric car...

What is the Future of Technology in the Dealership?

A survey conducted by AutoTrader recently has identified that 42 percent of car shoppers use more than one device to research their new vehicle....
holiday weekend

4 Tips to Prepare Your Staff for the Holiday Weekend

A Google search returns results for “When is the best time to buy a car”. Among the pages displayed, sources indicate that long weekend...
train staff

Train Staff with a Sales-Driven Focus

Every person that works in a dealership environment has an impact on your sales. Parts counter sales, service department repairs and maintenance, and, of...

5 Ways to Boost Your Dealership’s Reputation

The automotive marketplace is an ever-changing environment, one that’s heavily affected by a dealership’s surroundings and presence. Formerly, a dealership’s reputation was built mainly...
new dealership

A New Type of Dealership that Benefits the Consumer

The old way of selling cars is old hat. A trip to the local shopping mall demonstrates the new trend in buying, which is...