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How to Improve Employee Retention and Productivity

As a manager, two of your chief concerns are productivity and employee retention. The first boosts your company's revenue. The second reduces the chances...

5 Things Every Leader Must Do

Leadership seems to be a popular buzzword these days. However, in order to create a true culture where leadership is modeled, expected and lived...
employee improvement

Creating Excellent Employees with Employee Improvement Plans

We all know the foundation for a great Service, Parts or Body Shop department or any venture really, is great employees. But if you...

What Does Staff Turnover Actually Cost the Dealership?

If I asked you whether employee turnover was good or bad you would already know that it’s bad.  But there’s a deeper question –...
sales goals

A Constructive Approach to Missed Sales Goals

There’s no way of getting around it: as a manager, there will be unpleasant situations that you personally have to deal with. As much...

Where Should Dealers Be Looking for the Next Employee?

With unemployment down around 3-4% nationwide, there is an abundance of good jobs available, and a dearth of talent that needs employment. This is...

Setting Up A Branding System For Your Dealership

Though there isn’t a single agreed upon definition of Employee Branding, it basically encompasses everything related to what it is like to work at...
great managers

What GREAT Managers Do To Improve Retention

It can truly be one of the biggest nightmares for managers when their best employee unexpectedly resigns. Now, you’ve suddenly gotten an extended list...
pay plan

The Pay Plan Paradigm

Challenging positions in your dealership deserve good compensation, especially for those related directly to income. Sales people, both on the sales floor and at...
phone processes

The dealership employee most responsible for your phone processes

True or False: The most important person at a dealership (when it comes to handling phone calls) is the receptionist. Hear what Mike Haeg...