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Now’s the time for dealerships to adapt to market disruptions, while also finding success in the face of economic uncertainty.

Selling cars despite the current economic uncertainty

Automotive retailers have seen a massive upheaval in recent years. Between the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, inflationary concerns, higher borrowing costs, and general...
online In this article, we’ll explain why photos are one of the most crucial elements of new and used automotive marketing.

Tips and tricks for creating topnotch merchandising photos

I don’t feel like I am overstating anything when I say that photos are extremely important when trying to showcase a vehicle for sale...
Deep website personalization is the key to generating more leads and more return shoppers, and so many dealers are falling behind.

Website personalization is the key to attracting the modern car buyer

The automotive retail industry has long been shifting away from physical-only stores towards online shopping experiences that complement the physical showroom. However, the COVID-19...
Digital retailing is about efficiency, which incorporates both speed and quality to enhance the overall car buying experience.

Does speed hurt quality? Taking a closer look at digital retailing

Somewhere between the so-called “normal,” “COVID normal,” and “new normal,” we got it into our heads that it’s okay to be an order taker....
Customers are ready for digital retailing experiences, partly due to the disruption by COVID-19 and technological advancements.

Virtual tours and contactless delivery: how to embrace digital retailing

COVID-19 changed everything, including how we shop. As a result, many industries have had to embrace online shopping. According to the National Library for...
As the digital landscape evolves and regulations tighten around third-party data, car dealers are embracing unconventional advertising strategies. 

Non-traditional Advertising: Thinking outside the box for dealership success

Retail automotive has witnessed a paradigm shift in the advertising strategies employed by car dealerships. In the past, conventional methods like print, broadcast, and...
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How to secure lender-qualified payments upfront with digital retailing — Pete...

Today's economic headwinds have forced dealerships nationwide to alter how they achieve customer satisfaction. On today’s Inside Automotive, we’re joined in studio by Pete...
Customers are not likely to stay on a website that is confusing to navigate, as patience wears thin and they may decide to shop elsewhere. digital retailing personalized marketing

First impressions matter: What message does your dealership’s website send?

The critical acceleration of digital retailing has undoubtedly led almost every industry to invest heavily in technology and eCommerce solutions. This includes the auto...

Why marketing automation and a customer data platform (CDP) are the...

Welcome to another episode of Auto Marketing Now, with Brian Pasch, founder of PCG Companies and auto marketing expert, who continues his original series...

Choosing between a CDP, marketing automation platform, or hybrid system

On the last episode of Auto Marketing Now, we discussed some of the building blocks of Customer Data Platforms (CDP), and how they can...