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Auto retailers poised to handle inflated vehicle prices on rising materials...

Emptying car lots have been a challenge for dealerships in the hot selling season, but higher profits have been a boon on the backs...

Five Ways to Optimize Dealership Expenses On a Tight Budget

Decreasing revenues are something that all companies, regardless of sector, will have to face this quarter—and possibly for the rest of the year. Nevertheless,...

What Does Staff Turnover Actually Cost the Dealership?

If I asked you whether employee turnover was good or bad you would already know that it’s bad.  But there’s a deeper question –...

How to Cut Costs and Improve Quality in your Service Department

A well-functioning service department is the lifeblood of any dealership. In many ways, it is the face of your dealership that customers experience more...
dealer group

Large Dealer Groups Are Taking Over Retail Automotive

Several business brokers advertise dealerships for sale on LinkedIn as well as through online listing platforms. These are small automotive dealerships that have, in...