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The pros and cons of an external BDC for car dealerships

Inbound phone calls are still your best low-funnel leads, so they must be handled properly. Many dealers believe their sales team should be able...

Improve the ROI of Remarketing Campaigns

It is very common for auto dealers to run remarketing campaigns, also known as retargeting. Remarketing is a form of online advertising that puts...

Should Customer Email’s Be More Than A Service Reminders?

Many businesses continue to shy away from email marketing because they believe that it’s an outdated approach. But, in actuality, 59% of B2B marketers...

A Multi-Channel Approach to Target Customers

Despite best efforts and best practices by dealers and manufacturers, many car buyers and service customers remain vulnerable to defection. Rather than viewing these odds...
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8 Tips to Drive a Successful Email Marketing Campaign

As one of the most effective online marketing strategy, email marketing continues to be a favorite among dealerships. Roughly 77% of adults claim that...