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Additional EV tax credits still in limbo. How will it affect...

The Build Back Better bill contains billions of dollars earmarked for the transportation industry, and one of the most contentious components has to do...

Hyundai doubles down on hydrogen power, breaking from EV-focused auto industry

While almost all carmakers are steering the auto industry towards being all-electric, Hyundai has taken a sharp left-hand turn. At the Hydrogen Wave global...

Cox Automotive enters the EV battery business

Cox Automotive Mobility announced on Wednesday that it had acquired Spiers New Technologies (SNT), which is a leader in electric vehicle battery lifecycle management....

Chevrolet Bolt recall highlights pitfalls for early EVs, opportunity for dealers

On July 23, General Motors announced a second recall regarding a potential fire risk for Chevrolet Bolt EVs. Around 68,000 vehicles could have a...