Streamlining communications to improve the customer experience — Ted Rubin & Melissa Cartagena

Are car dealerships ready for future shifts in customer messaging technology? At the NADA Show in Dallas this year, CBT News anchor Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Ted Rubin, CEO of ActivEngage, and Melissa Cartagena, Senior Director of Digital Advertising for AutoNation, who discuss the importance of people-powered communications.

Key takeaways:

1. ActivEngage has provided the most advanced communications technology innovation to support dealers in the message “people-powered” platform.

2. ActivEngage offers consumers an advocate that aids in providing accurate information and care as they move throughout their entire process.

3. Their technology analyzes conversations, participants, and data that is constantly being refined—ActivEngage’s primary goal is to identify solutions.

4. The MyDrive platform takes the consumer on an active test drive, allowing them to enjoy all the features of the vehicle and get a 360° inside-out perspective while fully conversing with no interruptions.

5. ActivEngage’s software is internally developed and constantly updated to meet market demands.

“Customers need TO feel as if they are being helped by a live person who is advocating for them.” — Ted Rubin

Notable background:

ActivEngage has the resources of a big business, but the flexibility of a startup.

ActivEngage has developed technology that allows us to identify patterns in consumer queries and inquiries, including how and what they are asking. 

They achieve a dynamic, sincere connection with empathy and humanity that AI and bots cannot.

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