Steve Greenfield: How Dealers can Sell Cars with Digital Marketing

Steve Greenfield

Steve Greenfield, CEO and Founder of CompetitorPro and winner of the 2017 DrivingSales Innovation Cup for VinFactor, sits down with Joe Gumm of  CBT News to discuss how dealers can get on board with the competitive intelligence software CompetitorPro and Vinfactor to sell cars.

Get Competitor Metrics with CompetitorPro

The CompetitorPro product helps the dealer understand how are my competitors doing in my local market.  Using this digital marketing product, dealers can configure other dealership metrics and see how they are doing on inventory, pricing, and inventory turn to get that level of granular insight locally. CompetitorPro centralizes local competitors’ metrics for inventory and pricing and vin number information, which helps a dealer not to overpay on vehicles and offers a single location for sign on to get digital marketing information.

Sell Cars with VINFactor

VINFactor is a free software marketing tool that helps augment the decision-making ability of a dealer’s employees The tool  helps employees recognize vin numbers on competitor web pages. By lighting up an icon in the corner of the user’s web page to notify the employee of vin information, including vehicle traits and attributes to help employees make split decisions to get more value and more margin for that vin. The software tool also helps dealers to stock better by comparing available vins to vehicles currently on the dealer lot.

At the end of the day, CompetitorPro’s digital marketing software helps a dealer’s employees make better and faster vehicle decisions that are less costly.