Be great today, not just average

Be great, not average. Have you made a commitment to being great today? Get fired up with Grant Cardone on today’s Saturday Morning Sales Meeting.


Grant Cardone:
Hey, Grant Cardone here, your friend in sales and in business, and welcome to CBT right here today. Let’s get you excited about today, your day. This is my day. I hope it’s your day as well.

And I just want to give you some tips for sales, parts and service, and finance and sales managers. Look, what are the things that make great sales people, or great department heads, or great managers, or great parts people, great service people? Look, there’s a list of about 20 things that I believe make for somebody to be great. And I don’t have time to go over all 20 with you this morning. I just want to give you a couple that should get you thinking about being great.

Number one, these people are going to make a decision to be great, not average. Great is the only thing that’s going to pay you anything. Average is not going to pay you anything. There’s one basic truth about how you’re going to get paid in your lifetime. In your lifetime, you’re going to get paid two ways. Most of your life, you’re going to get underpaid. And then hopefully if you’re good enough, if you make a commitment to greatness, the second time in your life, you’re going to get overpaid. Most people are getting underpaid right now because they’re only average or they’re good.

You want to get overpaid, you have to get great. You have to make a commitment to being a great manager, a great parts person. You got to be great. You got to own this place and this environment. You got to have that entrepreneurial spirit. You can’t just be a waiter. You can’t just be a spectator. You can’t just sit in the seats and think something great is going to happen. Hey, great things don’t happen to people. Bad things happen to people. You know that’s right. So you got to get great. You got to have a great attitude. You have to have a great process. You have to have a commitment to greatness.

Now, I’d share the other 19 with you. But look, we don’t have time for that. If you could just focus on today. How can you be great? How can you be spectacular? How could you actually have people say, “Man, you’re different.” You could get people to stop and say, “Whoa, who are you?” See, if people are actually asking you who you are, then you made an impact on them that was beyond average and definitely above good.

You don’t want to be average, you don’t want to be good, today make a commitment to being great. I had this little saying. Be great, because nothing else pays, at least not much. And if you’re tired of getting underpaid, you got to get great, folks. All right.

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