Small Steps to Better Health While at Work


In a rush in the morning.
Late nights.
No time to relax, much less exercise.
And what is a routine?

We all know the automotive selling business can be demanding at times. So, how do you keep a modicum of healthiness in your life?

Thankfully, there are small steps you can take throughout the day that add a tad of well-being to your life.

Move ithealth

  • The stand up desk: We have two colleagues in our office at Car Biz Today who use the standing desk and swear by it. They say it improves circulation. It also reduces the chance of heart disease and can decrease back pain.
  • Meetings on the go: Lose the conference room and ask your employees to take a lap with you during your meeting. It also burns calories and exercise is shown to boost endorphins. And let’s face it, no one likes sitting around a table anyway.
  • Face to Face: Sending an email across the building? A text to the service department? Forget it. Get up and go talk.
  • Park farther away: Simple. Park the farthest away from your office as you can. It may only add a tenth of a mile each way, but over a week, you can add over a mile to your routine.
  • Stretch: Take five minutes. Roll your shoulders. Flex your arms, wrists, and feet. Stay loose.

Quick eats

healthStaying loose is important, but the downfall to any diet or workout routine can often be the “S” word: Snacks.

The vending machine, the donuts brought in, the list goes on and on of the quick sugar fix foods that can kill your diet momentum.

Here are five snacks to replace the midafternoon candy bar craving.

  • Fresh fruit: You can get your sweet fix without the caloric guilt. Apples and bananas are great to keep on your desk on in the break room.
  • Nuts: Nuts are high in protein and you can find an array of blends at your grocery store.
  • Sweet potato chips: Like potato chips, but can’t quite take the Kale chip plunge? That’s okay. We understand. Sweet potato chips are a great compromise.
  • Popcorn: Good old popcorn. The flavor of nostalgia with health benefits. Just make sure to watch out for the salt and butter content.
  • Protein Bar: These can fill you up, but make sure to watch out for the ingredients. If possible, go for the most natural possible. Our favorite? LÄRABAR.