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Offer a Customized Online Experience at Your Dealership – Paul Wagner, CloudEngage

Every dealer wants to make sure their dealership has a great online and offline customer experience. On today’s show, we are joined by Paul Wagner, Founder, and CEO Of CloudEngage, A company that has been helping automotive retailers to enhance their online experience.

As we mentioned, every dealer wants to make sure their customer experience is top tier. Simultaneously, consumers also want a fully personalized online experience. Wagner tells CBT News, “when it comes to providing that experience there is a bit of a disconnect in the Offer a Customized Online Experience at Your Dealership – Paul Wagner, CloudEngageauto industry. He explains, “online people are expecting a fully personalized experience. He says, “what that means is that the website should be learning from all of their behavioral characteristics and is what customers expect these days. The fact is that most of these automotive websites aren’t actively learning about what it is the customer is interested in.”online experience

Wagner continues to share why it is a critical problem when a website does not retain its learning and how CloudEngage, is a top to bottom personalization through a number of different channels that solves such. They seamlessly work with any CMS to make your default website smarter and more likely to convert visitors. The system’s easy to use front end editing capabilities allow you to focus more on creating impactful campaigns.

So how does it work for your dealership? You start by installing a couple of lines of code onto your existing dealership’s website, no matter what CMS you are on. From there CloudEngage starts to build unique identities around each website visitor you have. By doing so, their system allows all this activity to become actionable and easy for dealerships to identify what the visitor is coming to the sight for and then use that information to populate correct inventory the next time the visitor comes back.CloudengageAnother feature included in the CloudEngage system that helps reduce fragmentation is a live chat portal. They applied machine learning and conversational data that gets added to all the leaning of the visitor through the cloud engage platform. All of which is used to update the customization for that customer, in real time on your dealership’s website.

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