It’s Time to Rethink How Your Dealership Can Evolve – Lior Arussy, Stativity Group


There is a lot of talk among the automotive retail industry when it comes to the future of franchised dealers. Many experts are predicting a complete transformation within the industry throughout the next ten years. Dealers are often left wondering what to do. Should they sell their dealerships or should they adapt to all the changes in the marketplace? To help figure this out, CBT News sat down with Lior Arussy, the Founder of the Stativity Group and best-selling author. We asked where he sees the Automotive industry heading in the future and what dealers can do to stay ahead of the change.Dealerships

Stativity, a global customer experience research consulting firm, provides both full transformations as well as a la carte advisory service. With experience at leading organizations, Stativity uses a proprietary human-centered methodology to unlock exceptional organizational performance that builds customer loyalty and advocacy.

They take a holistic approach to customer experience design and transformation that betters the culture, customer experience, and profit at your dealership. Arussy and team have taken their years of knowledge and worked with thousands of dealers across the nation.

So what does he have to say to dealers who are uncertain about their future or how to embrace it? he says to start by building trust. Which also happens to be what he discusses in his new book. Dealership

Next is Now, 5 Steps for Embracing Change—Building A Business that thrives into the future, focuses on how to change the mindset of people from old practices, best practice, and past practices and shift into next practices that redesign your organization.

“change is becoming the new normal.” Arussy says, “Change is very simple. You’re either going to lead it, or it will lead you.” He also believes that dealerships shouldn’t just do digital, they should be digital. They should constantly be asking the question; how can I design a digital dealership with emphasis on people?