NADA 2019: Manheim, Ed Berkowitz


Ed Berkowitz, Vice President of Product Management at Manheim, joined us on stage at the NADA 2019 Show. We spoke with him about the buzz circulating around wholesale, Manheim’s focus on digital tools, and the unfolding trends in the digital marketplace as we settle into 2019.

digital tools

Want to know what Ed had to say in response to our questions? Watch his full interview above or visit our site, here, for other NADA 2019 updates.

  • The big buzz around wholesale has been about the increasing focus on digital tools. What is new from Manheim at NADA 2019?
  • What do these new features mean for dealers?
  • How do the new Manheim features factor into the larger Cox Automotive picture?
  • Are there any larger trends you see unfolding in the digital marketplace on the wholesale side in 2019 and beyond?


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