LADA Pres. Will Green talks dealership recovery efforts after Hurricane Ida

Many Gulf Coast residents are now dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Ida. CNN reports that more than 977,000 homes and businesses in Louisiana were without power as of September 1. Today, that number is down to about 430,000. Residents and car dealers in the area are now combing through the damage and picking up the pieces. 

On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome the President of the Louisiana Automobile Dealers Association (LADA) Will Green, to walk us through car dealer recovery efforts today. 

The damage inflicted up Louisiana from Hurricane Ida has devastated the state’s power grid. Leaving many residents and car dealers without electricity, tap water, and other essentials. Green says he recently visited a town just outside of New Orleans, accompanied by government officials, and saw car dealerships with obliterated showrooms, missing roofs, and everything in between. Green adds that they were able to provide food for the first-responders and residents in the area.

The LADA is trying to accurately find out the number of its dealer members that have been affected by the hurricane. It has been a difficult effort considering that at one point, 1.1 million people were out of power, and unable to use their phones or internet. After talking to several dealers, the number one priority appears to be their employees’ well-being. Structures can be re-built, however, employees need assistance and relief as soon as possible. Green says it will be a marathon recovery, not a sprint.

LADA continues to be on the ground helping car dealers assess their damages quickly, and reporting back to the National Automobile Dealer Association for relief assistance. You can help dealership employees impacted by Hurricane Ida or request relief assistance by visiting the NADA Foundation Emergency Relief Fund.

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