Labor Day Sales: How To Stand Out Against The Your Competitors

Labor Day

With Labor Day Weekend fast approaching, it’s time to get your strategy sorted beforehand. Labor Day Weekend is a great day for consumers, but it can also be just as good for businesses. It was first designed to allow workers a day off, but as a small business, it’s also the best time to keep your doors open. As a dealer in the automotive industry, you won’t be stranger to change. In general, as technology has evolved, your business has required some changes as well. This change includes that of your marketing strategies, along with products and services.

So, how can you use Labor Day to market your business in the most efficient way possible? Well, we’ve got seven marketing tips to get your Labor Day Weekend strategy sorted out.

  • Sales

Long weekends, such as the Labor Day Weekend, are the perfect times to shop. Consumers across the nation expect tons of deals around the holiday weekend. So, if you offer it to them, then you can stand to reap all the benefits. To fully maximize awareness, you can email your customers prior to the holiday to let them know what they can expect.

  • Take Advantage Of The Season

As the unofficial close of summer, Labor Day signifies the best shopping days of the year. If you offer any seasonal products, then this is the perfect time to get rid of all your summer products. You’ll delight your customers, while still making room for the new stock to come.

  • Get Out There

It’s important to be present and make yourself known around your local area. Your dealership should look for ways to participate in block parties and street festivals. At these places, you will be guaranteed people that will be looking to spend. These types of touch points will be great for customer engagement. You should promote with announcements through email and continue to follow up through your social media channels.

  • Contests, Raffles, Or Giveaways

These are great to be used with a stall or booth at a local event. Organizing a fun giveaway is sure to grab people’s attention and add a spirit of the holiday.

  • Send The Right Message

The key to keeping your business in the minds of your business is to market early and often. You should market by sending enticing reminders leading up to the weekend. You should use subject lines, such as BOGO free or 1/5 off and 40% off. You should segment your customers into lists of customers, such as lapsed, casual, or loyal, in order of those that will be most receptive.

  • Invite Family And Friends

Labor Day Weekend is the best time to get your family and friends together. You should welcome them and create ‘buddy’ opportunities. So, arrange a play area for kids, set up a lounge to act as a dressing room for men, or encourage sales for shoppers.

  • Time Sensitive

For every sale that is offered for a limited amount of time, it points to big-time purchases. By creating a sense of urgency, you are able to convince people that otherwise might be more hesitant to splurge.

Other than these small tips, you can also use other marketing strategies to stand out from your competition during a competitive weekend. Here are a few extra tips to keep your dealership relevant using the high-tech tools that we have at our disposal.

  • Focus On Content

Even if you have all the email campaigns, social media profiles, and websites, you won’t make your dealership more relevant if you’re not offering your consumers  valuable content. For some, coming with content ideas can be quite difficult. You should think about questions that your customers ask you quite frequently. If someone asks you how often you should change their oil or tire rotations, you can create an entire blog post outlining all the relevant information.

Some questions might require a more in-depth answer, however, long-form content is also a great form. You can simply create an eBook, FAQ, or white paper to answer these sorts of questions. You can offer the content as a free download to your email subscribers.

  • Expand Your Web Presence

It’s likely that you already have a professionally designed website that has been fully optimized for search. That’s good. But, there is so much more that can be done to make your site stand out from all the other dealerships.

  • Become A Social Butterfly

65% of adults engage on social media platforms. So, shouldn’t you be present and engaged on the platform that is most likely to get their attention. Social media is a great place for notifying your consumers about any offers or such happening at your dealership. For holiday weekends, such as Labor Day Weekend, try to start advertising early. Ensure that you are being creative and eye-catching in all of your posts.

  • Take Advantage Of Email

There is no other automotive marketing tool that compares to email. 91% of consumers check their email once a day, with 70% saying that they always read emails from their favorite organizations. Email allows you to have direct communication with your consumers and allows you to nurture an ongoing relationship. In terms of advertising, it’s also great at notifying consumers about your upcoming deals and savings.

Regardless of what tactic you choose to employ, Labor Day Weekend is a great opportunity to get your customers excited about your products. By creating a sense of urgency, you are able to motivate some consumers to come to your dealership and make a purchase. All of the tips and suggestions we’ve mentioned above are sure to take your dealership to the next level – putting you ahead of your competitors. Just make sure to keep some of the tactics up even after the weekend is over, so that you can keep your business fresh in your consumers’ minds.