Is your dealership missing out on opportunities for digital used car leasing?

DRIVRZ Financial has partnered with Roadster to enhance used car leasing with a payment calculator and online application tools. On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Jon Lamb, CEO of DRIVRZ Financial, Rudi Thun, COO of Roadster, and Joel Bassam, Director of Marketing for Easterns Automotive. Easterns Automotive is the first dealership to launch the lease payment calculator.

Thun kicks off the conversation by discussing the new partnership and the inspiration behind it. The partnership stems from a desire to help car dealer partners execute business plans or sales objectives, says Thun. When Bassam approached him with the used car leasing concept through DRIVRZ, they saw an opportunity to develop a new category.

Thun says they get a lot of requests from car dealers who want to integrate third-party solutions. Thun adds that he wants to help car dealers become more efficient and profitable. When it comes to the CDK partnership, Thun says it has allowed Roadster to accelerate its 100% digital car-buying experience.

Lamb says it is a testament to how used car leasing is becoming a more viable option for consumers. Used car prices are creeping up and with car leasing reaching 60-70 months terms, it’s hurting both consumers and car dealers. Thun says they’ll keep expanding their offerings to give customers the best experience.

Bassam says he sees his dealer group’s website as an extension of their dealership when it comes to the customer experience. He says through the partnership with Roadster and DRIVRZ, they are able to offer a fuller experience to those website visits. Bassam continues to say this service has been one of their most engaging tools. Customers are curious about it and the tools give them penny-perfect estimates. He says 30% of their customers are buying their cars online and choosing delivery in-store.

Lamb believes car leasing is becoming more prevalent as vehicle prices accelerate. Used car leasing is the evolution of that. He explains that customers do want to get that in-person shopping experience if they switch out their vehicles frequently. The more people learn about used car leasing, the more digital processes will accelerate.

Thun wraps up the conversation by stating what’s next for Roadster. He says, they will continue to accelerate their effort to digitize the entire purchase process and that’s both in-store and online. The key to doing this is in an omnichannel way and it has to be seamless across all platforms.

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