Are you hung up on static sales lead forms?

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Do you ever have the fear that potential car buyers won’t engage long enough on your site to complete share information and generate a real lead? Believe it or not- this fear is common among many dealerships.

Russ Chandler, Product Marketing Manager at Perq LLC, wrote in this month’s edition of Car Biz Today Magazine, about how you can move beyond cookie butter lead generation tools and static forms.

Here’s his first piece of advice- never overlook design. Your website should directly reflect what a consumer would experience in your showroom. Think sleek and professional. Video, audio, and other media files help you stand out from the rest.

Another tip- ask questions that make sense and can directly benefit the consumer. This will help the consumer feel like they are in control of their purchasing decisions, which builds trust.

And consider creating your own lead tool… one that is beyond the basics. What special steps do you take for your showroom visitors that could be tied into your website, using technology? But remember this. Don’t rush the process. If you are going to adopt new processes here, make sure you do them right.