How to Make Dealers More Profitable in 2018 with Virtual Sales Training

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Joe Gumm speaks with Cory Mosley author, speaker, and expert in the auto retail space and the Host of Progressive Retail on CBT News about virtual sales training, online auto sales, and the new Automotive Internet Sales Accelerator Program available through Mosley Automotive, a nationally recognized automotive training and consulting company with tier-one clients.

“This is our 14th year from a consulting standpoint, and we crisscross the country and have gone international working to help dealers become more profitable and more progressive. We’re known for doing that with internet sales departments and BDC’s and known for fusing those things together.”

How to Make Training Stick with Sales Programs

As far as keeping up with everything from the tech side to the training side what strategy have you committed to 2018?

“As my team and I started to think about 2018, we looked at how we could create scale in lieu of just doing our store work or extra projects and at how can we bring together a group of people that are highly committed and coachable and coach them through the process,” Mosley says.

Often, training may be done for a few months, but training needs to be continuous and ongoing to cover new technology and new online sales strategies.

“We wanted to find the most committed dealers of 2018, and that is why we have launched our Automotive Internet Sales Accelerator Program. The program is designed to stay with our dealers, and clients and members throughout all of 2018 by providing them monthly coaching, one-on-one video, and live Q&A where they can ask the questions that are pressing,” Mosley says.

An Annual Sales Program that Invests in Your Dealership

The Automotive Internet Sales Accelerator Program allows dealers to track their salespeople’s numbers and incentivize them. You also have access to the complete training lab provided through the program. These aspects of the program can help dealerships be more successful and help the BDC and internet managers, and dealer principals, who are committed to the program succeed.

Will this program be effective as traditional consulting and training?

“One of the challenges of traditional training, where you do a workshop, a boot camp, or even go to a store is labor intensive. In that short time when trying to implement processes and training, we found it was challenging overall. We wanted to look at what the optimum opportunity was. What happens when something occurs in the store, and the trainers are gone and not due back for two months,” he says.

According to Mosley, it is really important to commit to a small group of dealers for the whole year and be with them through that process for 12 months.

“We’ve found from our coaching model and from our in-store training that we’ve taken the best elements of virtual training, the best elements of our one-on-one coaching process, and the best from our CRM and strategy process and we have combined that into a full 12-month program that is truly going to benefit dealers in a way that hasn’t been done before.”

Enrollment for the Automotive Internet Sales Accelerator Program is open in December with the deadline for enrollment on December 31.

“We want 2018 to be the best year ever for online sales. Go to, and we are so committed that is the only thing we are doing right now.”

The all-inclusive program from Mosley Automotive includes training with live workshops and 24/7 virtual training, coaching with personal attention to increase your production, and accountability to drive results by focusing on key metrics and action plans that drive performance.