How Online Communication Can Be Your Key To Closing The Deal- Glenn Pasch

Today CBT Automotive Network welcomes Glenn Pasch, CEO of PCG Digital Marketing. In this segment, Jim and Glenn discuss how providing transparent information on a dealership’s website leads to more on-site visits from customers.

A common misconception among dealers and their salespeople is that online communication with customers is vastly different than face-to-face interaction. Glenn however, knocks this idea on it’s head. He explains, “What you would say to somebody standing right in front of you on your lot, in your dealership, should be no different than what you say to someone online. Stay away from convoluted words someone wouldn’t understand.” Clarity and simplicity is paramount when it comes to relaying detailed information online.


Glenn also suggests avoiding pushy rhetoric when trying to get customers in the door. Consumers want information; they want to be informed about the purchase they are about to make. Instead of driving every interaction with “when are you coming in?”, try instead to work with the consumer’s timeline. Check in with them periodically, but always offer up additional information and relay your enthusiasm in a positive way.

If your salespeople only focus on today, then they are missing out on a large group of people who might be ready to buy down the road, and once they are ready, a good rapport is essential. There needs to be a perfect balance between communicating pertinent information with the customer, while maintaining focus on the end sale.

If clients take advantage of your digital showroom, then they might have an idea of what they can afford, and how they can walk off the lot with exactly what they want. This is only achievable if your website has all the information that a customer can get on site in the showroom. The website needs to be, at it’s core, an information portal. You can do this by having separate pages for additional services such as F&I, leasing vs. buying, and credit financing.transparent

By being transparent, open, and patient, your dealership will attract more people over time, and build good relationships for future transactions.