How car dealers can increase their brand awareness and engage with customers on Twitter – Guy Schueller, Industry Director for Autos

If a topic is trending, it’s most likely being discussed on Twitter. As more sales move online, the social networking site has become a key tool for retail automotive. So what’s trending right now? On today’s show, we’re pleased to welcome Guy Schueller, Industry Director of Automotive for Twitter, to discuss how car dealers are being affected by current trends and how they can utilize Twitter.

Schueller jumps right into the conversation by talking through the trends he’s seeing in retail automotive in comparison to last year. He says things have changed and continue to evolve rapidly. Twitter is a real-time conversation. Consumers are now seeing how important a vehicle can be for safe transportation during a health crisis. Car ownership changed throughout the pandemic, including availability due to inventory crunches. Schueller also says, one of the massive conversations happening on Twitter is about electric vehicles.

From Schueller’s perspective, car dealers should be focused on their brand and how they want to represent themselves. It’s not about cars, but what role are you going to play in the buying process. Don’t assume. Ask yourself how you can further engage in online conversations. As retail changes, car dealers will have to convince customers on why they should purchase from them. Schueller says the most important thing car dealers can do is listen and participate. 

When it comes to social platforms, Schueller says you need to establish yourself, become active organically and listen. You can learn a lot about what people are saying about your dealership. Don’t forget people voice their opinion very loudly and you should jump in those conversations. Schueller says salespeople are influencers. Salespeople have built their own brand and are using their influence to drive people into the dealership, even without the dealership’s support. Schueller also says help your salespeople become influencers. Big corporations are now paying their employees to drive online influencing.

Schueller wraps up the conversation sharing what he’s most excited about. Schueller says he’s excited about Twitter starting to think more about shopping within the social platform. They’re looking to create a shopping model within businesses’ profile pages. He says, use the power of this platform to communicate with those people that might be buyers and figure out how you want to amplify that.

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