How a Super Bowl champion is utilizing social media at his dealership

We’ve heard of former athletes who have owned car dealerships, but it is rare to find a Super Bowl-winning player that actually works at a dealership, and as the sales manager gives out free autographed posters to customers.

But that’s exactly what former Pittsburgh Steelers kicker Jeff Reed is now doing. Reed kicked for the Steelers from 2002 until 2010 and became the second-leading Steelers scorer of all time and also won two Super Bowls. But since June of this year, he is the sales manager of Keffer Chrysler Jeep Dodge and Pre-Owned Superstore in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Like most sales managers, Reed has embraced social media, utilizing LinkedIn to reach out to shoppers and fans. “We are the home of the best price guarantee, and I am someone you can trust. We have an awesome selection of vehicles and you can even get an autographed Super Bowl picture of me playing for the Pittsburgh Steelers. Please stop by and say hello to our great team. I truly appreciate your support and welcome to Steeler Nation!”

Despite that message, Keffer might soon be looking to fill his spot. Although Reed works 72 hours a week at his dealership, he still misses kicking for the Steelers. After losing two kickers to injury during the pre-season, the team traded for kicker Josh Scobee, but he missed two key kicks against the Ravens last Thursday.

Reed has contacted the Steelers ten times since the loss to the Ravens, but as of now, he’ll keep his job with Keffer.